I've just started a new job. Opening a new business! Thought I would start a story on the trials and tribulations of getting it off the ground. This should be interesting! Check out my shop on Facebook, Bridal Works. 
  1. Guest Book
    Guest Book
    I always encourage my customers to sign my guest book. I think it gets them in the Bridal Mode, and makes them feel special. Plus I can contact them later to see how their Big day went.
  2. Decor Ideas
    Decor Ideas
    I have several small displays through out the shop so that my guests who are not quite sure where their own wedding is going get some ideas.
  3. Gowns
    Of course the Gowns. They greet you the second you come in the door. I want you to be inspired by your dress. It is the single most important decision you make.
  4. My Saving Grace
    My Saving Grace
    I have so many moving parts its not funny. If I don't write things down I will forget. Every morning with my coffee, and again in the evening, I check and double check what I've got going on.